Store All Your Visual Bookmarks In The Cloud

Symbaloo Mobile App Syncs All Your Bookmarks on Any Device

Summary announced today the launch of their iPhone and Android mobile app. With the app, the Dutch company offers a convenient solution for managing bookmarks and favorites on any PC, mobile and tablet device. Users can store their content online in the cloud and all settings are synchronized automatically between all devices.

Symbaloo was launched in 2007 as the easiest start on the Internet. In a short period the company has evolved in to an easy, visual, content-management tool. They are exceedingly popular amongst teachers and schools with their educational version, SymbalooEDU. Symbaloo has recently surpassed 6 million visits per month, with the majority of the growth coming from the United States. 

Community Wish

The mobile app was developed after several recommendations from the Symbaloo community. It is intended to provide users quick and easy access to their online bookmarks from any device.

"The first million users are always the hardest. Our current user recommendations will help us to expand faster to our next goal of 10 million users." Klaas Lameijer, CEO of Symbaloo.

Sync Automatically

The most important benefits of the application are the control of content, enhanced surfing experience and time saving aspects. All settings and bookmarks from a user's computer are synced with their mobile device without any difficulty. When a tile is added to the webversion it will also be added in the app and vice versa.

Available for Android and iPhone

The Symbaloo mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Both Symbaloo and the mobile app are free of charge and can be found in 5 different languages. The web and mobile version are very similar with only subtle differences in the navigation and menu options.

Symbaloo will be optimized for use on tablets late summer.

"Making bookmarking easily accessible on any device is a niche that has yet to be fullfilled. It saves time and unnecessary irritation. Voice, single point access and smarter tiles is our next focus. " Klaas Lameijer, CEO of Symbaloo. 

About Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a visual bookmark management tool that helps to organize and share the best of the web.

By creating webmixes around their online favorites, users can easily access their frequently visited websites, news feeds, search engines, radio stations and/or widgets.