Symbaloo Achieves Their First Milestone of 1M Users

Symbaloo, the cloud based visual bookmark management tool, announces reaching 1 million users. Seeing significant growth in the United States through their EDU version. This spring the company will be releasing the mobile app to help users manage and navigate their visual bookmarks on all devices.

Next Target Set at 10M Users

Today, Symbaloo announced their achievement of one million users, the first milestone in their plans to achieve 10 million users in the coming years. To help them achieve their target the team plans to debut a mobile app in the near future, available for multiple devices. Symbaloo comes with more than just bookmarking capabilities. The tool contains widgets, options for RSS feeds and the ability to embed other web 2.0 tools.

The Educator Community

The company launched an educational version one year ago after recognizing the appreciation of their tool amongst educators. “Tech savvy teachers are publishing educational webmixes (a group of visual bookmarks indicated by each tab) and sharing them with other teachers daily, adding value to our highly appreciated webmix gallery.” Klaas Lameijer, CEO of Symbaloo.

Six months after the educational version was launched Symbaloo initiated their Symbaloo Certification Program, a professional development program to help educators learn how to use current web 2.0 tools and how to use Symbaloo as a Personal Teaching Environment (PTE). “As the need for technology in education became more apparent, we found that it was not easy for teachers to get the information needed to learn about the new tools that are essential to the classroom. That led us to the development of our certification program.” Kimmie Chann, Community Director of Symbaloo. To date there are over 300 Symbaloo Certified educators.

Partnerships and Integrations

Another major development paving the way for their milestone was the release of it’s open API in early 2011. This was a pivotal step making it easy to embed 3rd party tools and opening the door for integrations and partnerships with other leading educational apps. In the near future they will announce integrations with major sites not only within the educational market but other industries as well.

To inquire about Symbaloo’s API visit

Symbaloo Mobile

Symbaloo is taking bookmark management and web navigation to the next stage. This spring they are introducing their free app for mobile smart phones then later iPads and tablets. With all of their recent accomplishments, the team is focused on their target and excited to introduce their new mobile app. With an expected release date before June.

The company will soon be releasing their mobile app available for the iPhone AppStore and the Android Marketplace. Synchronization with the web version will allow current users to have easy access to their settings without having to create a new account. Beta testing of the app began this week, for more information and to sign up for updates visit

The Future of Symbaloo

Tile navigation is the winning user interface and will noticeably gain further importance with the introduction of Windows 8 later this year. It is Symbaloo’s mission to make tiles smarter, more social, and easily accessible by everyone at no cost to the user.

“After these first steps in making tiles intelligent, we are now shifting our focus to making the navigation smarter and more interactive through voice recognition.” Klaas Lameijer, CEO of Symbaloo

About Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a visual bookmark management tool that helps to organize and share the best of the web.

By creating webmixes around their online favorites, users can easily access their frequently visited websites, news feeds, search engines, radio stations and/or widgets.